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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

My family and I are starting a new tradition for our beautiful black boys who are turning 12 years old. Yes, the Blackmitvah not to be confused or compared to the Jewish tradition of Bar mitzvah. I hear you right now saying ooooohhh I get it, or Natasha is crazy (I agree with both either way). As many of you know, that know me or have read my blog in the past, Hezekiah is turning 12 on Wednesday. Believe me we have been celebrating all week. I mean I truly feel like I have been preparing him for a Blackmitzvah or rights of passage for this birthday. Blackmitzvah is really very simple; a rite of passage celebration, gifts from the people you love, and a long drawn out preparation to prepare young me to be their best selves.

These are the guidelines to a true BLACKMITZVAH (Bear with me):

1. The young man must first decide to participate in an outward expression of an inward change: Hezekiah has decided to get getting baptized this Sunday (Proud parent moment). My guy has been waiting for two long years to fully commit his life to following Christ (and participate in communion). He has tried to be baptized and has baptized his cousins as well as little while in the Dominican Republic. He even tried to baptize his grandfather who is also the Pastor at the church where we serve. Shout out to all the SUREHOUSE members. He loves God, lives by his word, and has committed to not only daily devotions, but also fasting (modified) this last January. Hezekiah loves Jesus and if you ever met him you would see his love, just ask his kindergarten and second grade teacher (another story for a different day)

2. Gifts must be present to enhance the young man. For example, Hezekiah has asked his aunts, grandparents, Godparents, and anyone who will listen to donate funds to his bank account in increments of 12 (12, 24, 36….). If you know Hezlo you know he always has money in his pockets. Gifts for my children have always been hard for my family based on the boys being so laid back. Except for this Christmas when my mom purchased him the new LeBron’s and we kept it a secret for weeks. When he opened the package, it was like the angels from heaven started singing, the roof of the house came off, a bright light blinded us, all we could see was Hezekiah jump up, touched the moon, and then gravity pulled him back down (okay, a little exaggerated). So obviously anyone giving him a gift from then on wants to see this same reaction. However, the other day when he and his Mammah were talking on the phone she asked what he wanted for his birthday and of course he answered, “money.” She proceeds to say that’s not a gift, he rebuttals (I think that’s the word Nina) and says, “to me it is.” She ended up giving him other options and he just got silent. She said, “Hezekiah I need you to jump up like you did at Christmas for those shoes.” Like my children do, he smiled (sort of like the Grinch) politely even though she was on the phone and went back to playing his game. In his head, I can hear him saying, “she doesn’t want to mess with me, I want that envelop with mucho dinero.” Well as his momma he is getting the same thing I always give him a book LOL. How do you like that young man, read sumthin (in my Sha nay nay voice).

3. The preparation of this Blackmitzvah may only last a week. Any longer I blame you for not following the rules. I must put this rule in effect based on my mother in love. She always expresses that she must celebrate her birthday all month long, no no sister suki because the way my bank account is set up…... Like little says, “it’s like Kwanzaa, one week only.” During the week the young boy must have a focus goal established for the future, attend any appointments he needs to become a young man, and receive something he needs. This year Hezekiah decided to become a dentist and have a private practice with his brother. At first, he said his brother will be his dental hygienist and he would pay him well. But of course, little wasn’t going for that because he wants to beat everybody at everything. They have now concluded that they both will work on becoming dentist. This was also after the conversation that BIG had about college and them working hard (again a funny story for another day, so stay tuned). The appointment Hezekiah attended was at the orthodontist where he also received his gift he needed. You guys when I tell you this boy is hilarious; he is absolutely that. When he went to his appointment at the ortho. He had to get x-rays, molds, and pictures which is a whole process all in itself. At the end of the appointment, the hygienist tells him to brush his teeth and rinse out his mouth with mouthwash. As I am talking to the doctor, I hear him say, “my bad.” So, when we walk out, I ask, “what was that about” he said, “oh I used the cup to rinse my mouth out.” I was like oh bro come on, but it didn’t really register to me until….the hygienist had a big bottle of mouth wash in front of me and says , “Hezekiah did you like this mouth wash, cause we cant really use it again.” I realized that this dude took the top off and used that as a cup. We left paying not only for his braces, but I am sure they put a fee in there for the mouthwash. He was happy he got “free” mouthwash.

As you can see, this has been a long process and we still have four days left. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I continue this tradition because the way it’s going, I am not sure if little will have a BLACKMITZVAH.

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