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“I’m a Boy Mom, sweatpants, hair up, NIKE’s, work, church, girls don’t like me, looking for some me time... with some shopping, I’m a boy mom (if you don’t know the lyrics to the song SAVAGE, you must listen to understand this dope rhyme I came up with LOL).” I mean I don’t think there is a better job out there, I know I get frustrated, I know I get lonely, and I know I want to hose down the testosterone in my house half of the time but, come on, boys are awesome, and they love their mommies.

With the tragic event of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, I noticed the hashtag girldad everywhere. It was super cute, and it was nice to see all the daddies loving on their little girls. I started to think about what it would be like to have a little girl, well first you all would be reading another blog, probably called something like; “There’s only room enough for one queen” or “She think she grown” or “Mood swings, up down and around the corner.” Really, could you all picture me with a little girl? Of course, you all are saying yes (who side are you really on). We would be wearing matching outfits, shopping, pedi and mani dates, ballet recitals, tea time (high noon LOL) with some of those cute black dolls with the natural hairstyles (yes that is a thing and I want one), I could go on and on. However, what screams in my head and shocks me back to reality goes something like this; NATASHA YOU WOULD BE BROKE.”

Being a boy mom has some perks; you have to shop a lot because boy’s sections at the store have absolutely nothing, when I go to their events (sports, school, birthday parties) I can wear sweats and it still looks stylish (and I look like I planned for us to all wear NIKE), when they want to do crazy boy stuff, I can just say girls don’t really like that and I don’t have to participate. I mean these are just to name a few but the biggest thing is how much of their hearts I hold. There was a survey conducted several years ago that stated, boy’s moms are their true first loves (Okay, there was no survey but it sure sounds good). My boys love me they tell me what looks good, what makes me look ridiculous, they always want to cuddle (don’t tell them I told you or they may stop), and they always want to make me feel good especially when they are in trouble.

When my boys get in trouble I can count on two very similar but different responses. Little Solomon is always quick to apologize and then continue with words of affirmation. Hezekiah will back off and wait for me to accept him back into my space (like a sneak attack). Little got corrected the other day and I had just finished making a box of macaroni and cheese, mind you my kids love homemade mac n cheese like no other. To make a repair attempt, Little said about four times how much he liked this mac n cheese. When I didn’t respond he moaned with enjoyment and said it again. He was fishing to see if I would acknowledge his appreciation as well as show me he wanted to still be my friend. So I said, “I heard you the first three times. You’re not in trouble you just can’t do X.Y.Z.” He said okay with a big smile and moved on to something else. Hezekiah on the other hand will do something that may also require some correction and he will go silent. We will continue on with the day, go our separate ways and then he always ends up cuddling, or in my room watching my show, and laughing at similar parts to get back into my good graces. Sometimes he will come and say, “I apologize for what happened earlier.” He is very precise with his timing. Both boys will ensure that this happens in a timely manner because they can’t accept either one of us (Big or me) being upset with them. Having these boys are a blessing and I am thankful to be a #boymom.

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