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Bye Bye Beep

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Have you ever heard the saying, "parents mess kids up?" Well, I agree but kids mess us up too. Just the other day, for the first time ever, my son left me devastated. I mean to the point where I haven't blogged in weeks (just playing, I started a new job which is another story for another day, I apologize to all of my faithful readers, wink wink). It was a night like any other night, the boys were told to get ready for bed, and the routine starts. Fifty thousand questions, Fifty hugs, fifteen kisses, Big tells them "hurry up you will be tired in the morning," followed by one more kiss and an I love you, goodnight.

However, on this particular night Hezekiah continues to talk, and I listen, when he is finished I say close the door "beep." He turned around in the most beautiful slow motion montage, you know, like the ones in the movies when the "beautiful" girl looks at the "nerd" and notices him, she then begins to glide towards him. She gets closer to him and he either pauses or leans in for the kiss. The music stops and its in real time. That's when she drops a bomb such as; you have a booger in your nose, or in the nicer version walks over and says hi followed by the "nerds" name. The character then looks completely mortified or like he is in sky heaven based on finally speaking to the girl of his dreams. Well, mine was like the first one, the booger with the mortified look.

Hezekiah does a downward motion as if he is talking to a baby and says, "mom lets just call me "beep" when we are in the house, I don't want you to call me that on accident in like one of my games." When I tell you I was heartbroken that would be an understatement. On the inside I felt like Bridget Jones when Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy left her to get married but on the outside I probably looked stunned. I looked over at Big and all he could say was, "are you alright, he's going to middle school." I wanted to scream, but I didn't I have just been in haze with this new found realization that my baby is going to middle school.

My precious baby boy, who I held and nursed all those nights because I wasn't getting up (Hashtag working mom), or that little guy who would jam out on the drums and piano, the toddler who pointed at new animals and called them buuuurrrdds has finally grown up. I cant believe in just a couple of short weeks he will be walking into middle school and doesn't want me to call him by his great nickname that use to make him giggle and crack up. I remember like it was yesterday, I pushed his nose with one finger and let out a beep beep he smiled and it melted my insides. The name stuck and he has never lived it down (well I guess he didn't have a choice when he couldn't speak, those were the days). Close friends have sad I have to stop screaming that at his games and I just looked at them and roll my eyes. However, I cant do that any longer I must respect that he would like to be called five hundred thousand other names but not mine (sad face emoji inserted here). What are some things that you have experienced when your child has transitioned into another grade level, milestone, or age? Please share in the comment section, I guess this is where healing will take place (Not crying...well...not on the outside LOL).

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