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Cell Phones and Loop Holes

I remember when I was in middle school and I wanted a beeper so bad. My mom went out of her way and got me a see-through blue beeper for my birthday. I thought it was the coolest thing, and of course, like every other teenage, I moved on to the next new thing, my own phone line. Looking back on it my mom really went out of her way to make these things happen. So I got a phone line with a cool see through phone that lit up with neon colors when it rang. I mean how cool is that. Technology just boomed after that. Of course, I got the internet, and then a cell phone, and so on and so on.

So, it would only be right for me to provide the opportunity for my Kings. A year in a half ago, I bought Hezekiah a cell phone. Mind you he was only going into fifth grade, so we had some tight rules and expectations like; you can only take it when you need it. Which was never because I worked at his school, we went to school together, left together, went to practice and church, and came home. So of course, he only used it to play games. During fifth grade, very few students had cell phones. But boy when middle school started, the phone became something like an appendage.

Hezekiah never left without his phone. However, when we activated his phone the cell phone representative told me about this new app called Family Link. Now if you are under the age of 15 and your reading this along with your parent, ask them to stop reading this now, because I am going to hip them to the ultimate Teen Trap. This app is amazing, I know where Hezekiah is always, I know how long he has been on his phone daily, I can set a timer, I can lock the phone from wherever I am, I can even set up daily limits for specific apps on his phone.

My all-time favorite part of this link right now is the timer and the phone lock. So, the other night, we were all getting ready for bed. Hezekiah came and kissed me, went in his room shut the door, turned off the light. As he does every night. I head into my bathroom to do my night night routine and hear his voice. Now I know the phone has a bed time and that there is no way for him to get on the phone. However, I hear his voice through the wall, it was very faint, but I knew he was on the phone. I flushed my toilet (one because I was using the bathroom and two because I was giving him a warning). I head to his room open his door and see him leaning over talking on the phone. I say, “beep don’t forget to go potty.” He says, “Mom,” and points down to the phone. I said, “how are you on the phone.” This dude found a loop hole…if he is talking on the phone before it goes off he can still talk, but, can’t chat. These kids are too smart for their own good, and technology is not on parents’ side.

I thought well, I could fix him and just change the time limit. Of course, that only worked for a little while. I have now added another goodnight to my night time routine and that is to his “friend.” Which is a whole other story for another day. What are some of your cell phone expectations in this new technological world?

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