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Chocolate Thunder

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I thought it was an amazing idea to take a quick trip to Las Vegas during Spring Break to see our Godson, boy was I wrong. It all started off with the excitement of the boys being able to pack and wanting to see the hotel. Let me pause right there. Anybody who has spent time with my sons would know that the key to a successful vacation would be the hotel with a side of room service. On every vacation, all the boys want to do is stay in the hotel, watch movies, and order room service. I mean we could do that at home and it would be a lot cheaper (shoot that's what their doing now in quarantine)

We woke up early the morning of our trip, drove to the airport, and the boys were super excited to get on the plane. We roll our bags through the airport check in, chill out, and people watch (obviously, before the Coronavirus). Finally, the plane arrived and we load up and wait for take-off. The boys watch movies and I can’t tell you anything else because I was knocked (I mean they can’t get taken, because there is no place to go, its great sleep, and Big is there so lights out).

We have now landed, we make our way off the plane and all the flight attendants pay the boys compliments. Now imagine three wise men getting off an airplane (really picture the Disney movie, The Three Wise men if you haven’t seen it google the image), they are moving in slow motion through uncharted territory. They stop at the sound of the machines, they notice people stopping with drinks in their hands, and then they stop at a ginormous slot machine. Standing in aw as if they have never seen anything like this. Hezekiah’s whole body morphed into an attitude, hand goes up to his head, and the look of disappointment permeates out of his pours. This obviously makes me think how ungrateful, so I snapped at him to be grateful (tweenager years are challenging). I then notice Little going into “I aint bout to get in trouble mode,” and runs over to the slot machine to get his photo opp (we always take tons of pictures). With a great big smile, he looks at me saying, “mommy look I am grateful.” They both straighten up take a picture and continues walking through the airport. We come up to the next slots and they race to sit down, Big says, “yall can’t sit there its illegal.” Which led to the infamous “Sin City statement.”

Hezekiah turns to me and says, “mommy you brought us to “Sin City.” Mind you my boys know the bible, love Jesus, and are truly in relationship with him. They probably will become fire and brimstone preachers. My heart sank, I felt a bad mommy moment coming up but, I pushed it down and just shook my head and stormed ahead of these unappreciative little boogers. I am shaking my head so hard already, I gain a headache along with bags that one of the boys was tired of carrying.

We get on the Escalator, head to transportation, and as we are coming down, Little sees a great big billboard of the Thunder from Down Under. He looks back at me and says, “mommy look at their abs I want to be chocolate thunder.” Yall I almost passed out. I knew at that moment this trip was going to be one for the memory books. I said, “no baby you don’t.” I looked at Big and he gave me the “I told you so look.” I mean the whole time in Vegas, Little talked about wanting to see the Thunder from Down Under and wanting to get abs like the men on the “big poster.” He still calls himself Chocolate Thunder, hopefully I never have to tell him about what those guys do.

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