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Elaborate Dreaming

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

How do you dream? Is your dream in color or is it black and white? Can you remember the dream you had last night? Did it make you wake up and think about what it meant? Well, Little always dreams in color, he always analyzes what they mean, and he always remembers who, how, when, why, and what his dreams are about. Well, so we thought.

Little has these elaborate dreams. He always wakes up and wants to share. He wants to share who was in the dream and what they were doing. They always connect to real life or about conversations we had previously. Hezekiah always follows up. “Wait, was I in your dream?” Little always responds with a quick YEP! Moving on to explain what Hezekiah was doing and why he was doing it. It usually includes his older brother being some type of super star. If Big asks, he always includes that he indeed was in the dream and that the dream took placed at a hospital where he was the “Big Boss.” If I ask, I am always some type of super woman, working mom, moving up the chain of command. Basically, how we communicate what we want to be or who he perceives us to be.

As we shopped the other day, Little began to tell us his dream. It was something about Hezekiah’s friends getting married to each other. He explained that he was part of a “beautiful ceremony.” As he spoke of the weddings nonchalantly, we all listened, waiting to ask our follow up questions (mind you not a very effective listening strategy). Hezekiah began with the teenage tone, asking why his story had more information then he previously shared. He expressed that Little’s dreams change as he provides information and asks questions. Someone in the car stated, “we can’t just be out here lying. It could have been Hezekiah, Big, or me but it led to Big laughing and encouraging Little to write his dreams down. We agreed he was a talented story teller and he should be a writer. Big followed up explaining that it was alright to lie on paper because it was a story but, we can’t just lie for the sake of lying.

For any of you who know my kings, know they moved on quickly, and went back to the conversation after agreeing with Big quickly. Again, I don’t remember who started the conversation back up but, it went something like; Why were you at Hezekiah’s friend’s wedding? Who got married to who? Was Hezekiah at the wedding? Big interrupted and said, “Hezekiah was overseas playing basketball.” But, the conversation came to a screeching halt when Little continued with his story and said, “Hezekiah was watching virtually because he was overseas playing basketball. He had repeated exactly what Big had said minutes before and took the addition into his story as if it was his own.

If we could just get these dreams down on paper, he will definitely be a famous writer. Pray for me as we continue to tap into their gifts and watch what the future will bring to our kings.

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