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Fearfully and Wonderfully made

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Every evening we spend some time in God’s word. It is a great time to spend in fellowship with one another and have the boys work on their reading and comprehension skills (education doesn’t ever stop). For the last couple of weeks, we have been in the book of Luke. Taking a deeper look at the parables and understanding the life and death of Jesus. Yes, I know we are good parent’s thanks for saying that. But this is not that easy with the children God has blessed us with. Yep, you are right you feel a story coming on don’t you.

At the end, of every bible study there must come a life lesson. This is because we all have very similar yet very different personalities. So close your eyes and imagine the scene nightly at The Wyatt’s (you know what I mean, keep your eyes open, read, and imagine). For this story, imagine the four Wyatt’s sitting in the living room with Big on the “love seat,” Little and Hezekiah on the couch with their feet up sitting on either side of the couch wrapped up in blankets, and me in the big chair, closest to the fire place. All of us with our bibles opened, tired from the day, but comfortably reading the word, and add a smile on our faces.

I begin reading the resurrection story, and then the boys follow by reading a series of scriptures. Big stopping us all ever so often to ask what is speaking to us about the passage, we all share insights, stories and how we can apply the scriptures. However, every time Little shares he is speaking to the fire place as if there is a person there. Picture this: His great big smile (with his silly teeth growing in), his big eyes looking forward, his little hands moving to the tone of his voice, and his head turned to the side (like when you take a selfie and are searching for the perfect lighting).

The first time Big says, “Solomon you have to look at the person you are speaking to when you are talking.” Little responds quickly as my children do (they better or 20/20, reference from a previous post), “yes sir.” We continue reading and it is a separation of passages, so again Big asks everyone to share what is speaking to them. I share, Hezekiah shares, and then again, it’s Little’s turn. As he again looks at the fireplace smiling, he shares what he is going to apply to his life, and again his dad reminds him to look at people that are speaking to him and that he should be polite and answer by looking back at the person. As I look over I notice, the reflection of Little, perfectly centered in the middle of the fireplace window. When I look at the reflection, I notice him smile. I look back at him, he looks at me, smiles, and shrugs his shoulders as to say... what you caught me, oh well ( I melt of course).

I explain to Big that he is talking to his reflection. Big being the “good parent” explains to Little that he must focus during our Bible reading time because Jesus has been so good to us. Little agrees with him and looks at the television to notice that he can also see his reflection in the television. When I say my children will never struggle with confidence issues, they will not, if they have gotten anything from our bible time, it is that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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