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Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Yep, you heard it here first folks Hezenation. Why do kids come up with nicknames, when you have thought of great name for them? Your intentional with giving them a great meaningful name (well not me specifically but my husband) and you go to your child's school and you here staff and students tear up your child's name. Teachers are calling them things like Hez, Hezlo, and Hezey, which sounds to me like a gross disease. You begin to look around for other kids because you are wondering who they are talking to, and then you see you kid with a big grin waving and smiling and living it up like he is big man on campus. You start asking them questions; who gave you that name? Can the kids not say your name? You know that's not your name, right? You are racking your brain and begin to get frustrated with the staff and students. Then your kid says I just like that name better. What in the world?

You want to blame the teachers but, it is absolutely not their fault. It is your kids fault. See I work at a school with those same kids who are changing their name, their lunches, and when they get older sometimes their clothes (everything you thought you knew about them has changed, okay maybe I am a little dramatic). See, I have been introduced to dozens of kids with unique names and they all say the same thing when I meet them, " just call me such and such." I want to scream and say...NOOOOOOOO, That is not what your thoughtful parents named you.

So the other day my son was talking about his "basketball name" with his dad, SMH. They were saying things like hesitation, and other silly names. They settled with Hezenation. For the first time, I was like oh that's cute. I also thought I hope that that name stays in this house. But you guessed it, I got some of his homework the other day and guess what was on the top of the page? Yep, next to name on his paper, it said Hezenation. I just shook my head and signed the paper. I handed it back and he said, "mom whats wrong?" I couldn't even fix my mouth to answer.

I literally gave up on his old, amazing, biblical king name Hezekiah for one second. If you know the story of King Hezekiah in the bible you would understand why this was so important for me to stick with, and help him understand the importance. Hezekiah was a righteous King of Judah who made laws of religious reform such as; mandating the worship of God. When Hezekiah was ill and laying on the verge of death, he had an amazing recovery which is found in 2 Kings 20:1, 2 Chronicles 32:24 and Isaiah 38. In the book of Isaiah ch. 35, King Hezekiah lived 15 more years after his prayer to the Lord.

Hezekiah is an amazing young man, who will grow to be whoever he wants to be. It might not matter what nickname people call him but, the intentionality of his given name is important to me because, I want God to hear his cry when he calls upon him. I want him to love God like the King did, and I want him to fight for what he believes in on the days of his life.

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