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Growing Pains

I never thought that parents experienced growing pains alongside their children. Well, ours is hitting our pocket a little hard, and I am feeling every inch of growth. From growth spurts to voice changes. To the point that we watched two brand new pairs of shoes walk out the door in one of those reusable bags my mom had given us. In return, we gave her the bag back with two newish pairs of shoes because, of course, Hezekiah can’t fit them anymore and whelp, she can.

My head began to spin, and my stomach turned, as we watched the shoes leave. I looked at Hezekiah, phone in hand, already picking out his next purchase of shoes on the Nike app. However, I have learned from these growing kings that we can no longer purchase blindly, we had to get him sized before purchasing any new kicks.

The next day, Hezekiah and I woke up, and went on a Saturday morning date (Hezlo and mommy time, you all don’t know how excited I was but, I played it cool). First, we had to get him a sausage Mcmuffin without eggs of course because the true way to a growing king’s heart is food. It was my goal to get him full, so he would hang with me and be in good spirits (whatever I needed to do to hang out with my preteen).

Our mission was to return home with shoes in hand and sizes for Big. When we walked into the mall and noticed our favorite shoe store was closed, we felt defeated. However, we moved on down the hall to the next location. The sales associate at our “not so favorite” store, explained he couldn’t size Hezlo but, he could try on shoes (I know it makes absolutely no sense) we were back on track. Hezekiah was enjoying himself looking at the minimal selection, when we bonded over the new Jordan 1’s, which were supposed to come out at 10a.m. and they pulled back the sales date.

I realized at that moment, we were growing. Growing in love with the same interest, shoes. As the associate, let Hezlo try these coveted pair of Jordan’s on I watched him fall in love for maybe the first time. He felt the leather on his foot, he looked at himself in the mirror loving the image, it was a beautiful moment. However, we left empty handed.

The day went on, with more shopping, growing interest, and what I needed the most. Time. I noticed in those couple of hours, that we enjoyed each other’s company, I realized he needed this, I needed this, and as we go through growing pains we must grow together.

Back in the day when he was little...ugh

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