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Howdy Neighbor

As you know , I am an educator and have been home many days this summer watching the kids in the neighborhood. Yes, I am that mom that will sit outside and watch her children play because, that's what "good parents" do. Well, so I thought.

Over the years, I have come home from work, tired from educating Tacoma's finest and find a neighborhood full of kids riding their bikes, laughing, and running without all the cares of the world (ie. raising children, bills, household chores). I became the neighbor who all the kids were scared of; I would yell, "don't throw them rocks, " "get off of those peoples lawn," do I need to go talk to your mom?" Obviously, this made it so that those "heathens" would act right. I would become so frustrated with the little kids whose parents would let them explore by playing in the dirt, going into other peoples garages, and fight and use swear words. I would think, where are their parents? I then would turn into Judgy Judy, "Nobody monitors their kids anymore." I mean this frustrated me to the point that I would then go inside and vent to Big about how I am a mandated reporter and I need to contact CPS on these "negligent parents."

Until, dun dun duh, I became a "negligent parent." Here it comes my confession (I am starting to think this blog should be called confessions of a helicopter parent). So you know summer is here as I stated, and I reached my goal of teaching the boys to ride their bikes. Since they have learned how to ride their bikes they have been accepted into the bike club (which includes all the neighborhood kids that have been able to ride their bikes since we moved here eight years ago). Now that they are riding their bikes and have a friend group it has become boring for me to sit outside and watch, I mean there is so much I can get done when they are outside like; catch up on the 15 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, read all my professional development books, wash laundry, cook (okay not cook but, watch my husband cook and eat), and take naps). Really, these boys will play all day and will only stop to get a snack. I remember playing outside growing up and my mom saying that I need to come back and check in every 30 minutes. That is absolutely my rule too, they come in for a snack every 30 minutes and head back out. I sometime creep and look out the window, and my mommy ears are always turned up.

So to all my neighbors, I want to take the time to just apologize for all of my terrible Tyrone Thoughts about you (I never called CPS) and thank you for helping me embrace my new found time. To the neighborhood kids, howdy. Don't start nothing wont be nothing, have fun exploring, you cant come in my house, my kids cant go past the end of the block, and I promise to wave next time.

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