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I'm Not That Deep

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For a long time, I stayed away from social media. I am now starting to see why. Everyone online has turned into James Baldwin, Angela Davis, Martin Luther King, Fredrick Douglas, or Malcom X. I mean everyone is sharing quotes, and post, and retweeting based on where and how we should be walking in the world, from people that they do not truly know. It goes from theology, to sociology, to criminology, to critical race theory, to motivational quotes, and fitness goals. And to be honest, I’m just not that deep.

I am an educated mom, who teaches her kings, to stand up for what is right and just, to speak up, and share their experiences. Oh how, I wish I could be deep, but the fact of the matter is, my kings are way deeper than I am. Yes, I have a doctorate but, that doctorate is in education. So, I usually give information on education and specifically culturally relevant teaching but, besides that my scope is to stay in my lane. Like Will Smith says in Hitch, “keep it here Alan on the two and the four.” I know that was a dance reference, however, I don’t choose to go into uncharted territory

if I am only a novice in the topic of discussion. Since, I understand the importance of being well versed, I have taken it upon myself to educate my kings as I am learning and growing.

On my quest to build my young kings, depth. We have been listening to audio books in the car, playing urban intellectual games about Black history (well we haven’t played yet but, I bought the game), and talking about their values as boys of color. What I have noticed is, these young kings know more about the world and the happenings than the common person. My boys are competitive as you may have gathered, and they will challenge everything and anything you say (in their mind of course, they mind their manners). They however, did not learn all this information from me nor Big. They do what well respected, educated kids do, “hey google (referenced in a previous post called, Tokenism-check it out 😊). Hezekiah and Little explained to me that they look at what’s happening in the world online. I was in shock, they told me about NBA players, COVID, protests around the world, and broke down Juneteenth for me.

This is where I would like to pause and give a big shout out to Little’s teacher: Moniqua Scott because recently she broke it down (in her seat, as she teaches her class) the emancipation proclamation to first graders, in a way so plain, that when anything around the topic comes up such as; Independence Day or Juneteenth, Little has to drop some knowledge, he went deep. In my pursuit to become deeper, I began to appreciate social media more, I was able to learn from the young Angela’s and Malcom’s, I was able to delve into history utilizing a new platform, I learned from voices that were underrepresented, children, men, families, through their thoughts, their hurts, their experiences. I was able to find my voice in which I share with you today, and now maybe, just maybe, I will become deep. Let me know what you are doing to deepen your understanding about what’s going on in the world in the comments below.

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