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If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying

As you know our family is very competitive. I remember when Big and I were first married, we would participate in game nights with different people (family members, friends, etc.). I was confused when I realized that everyone was a bonified cheater. I mean everything from go fish to Phase 10. I kept thinking this is not that serious. When Big said, “if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.” This saying now has impacted my kings, and this virtual learning has not helped.

If you are anything like me, you freaked when you heard all students would be going back to school this year virtually. I didn’t just freak out for my kings, but all 745 students I serve as an administrator, along with the teachers I support. This new way of learning has completely changed my family’s life. First, we have had to teach our kings how to navigate new systems, utilize their resources, and how to support each other when they need help, obviously Hezekiah more than Little.

I mean Little did develop a much stronger power-point then Hezekiah the other day but, besides that Hezekiah has become a superhero in relation to being Little’s right hand man (Hamilton reference, check it out). The other day, Hezekiah was so excited to share that Little rocked his math test. When I got home, the boys ran to me to explain that Little had stayed focused on his test, and he utilized his resources. That triggered my thinking, I asked how he used his resources? Little with his great big grin pointed to Hezekiah, I looked at Hezekiah and he looked the other way as he crossed his arms (his tell-tell sign that he did something or was about to lie). Little begin to explain, the different degrees that Hezekiah had connected to basketball, and taught him a whole lesson based on the questions on the test. Big shouted out, as he seen my body language change, “way to utilize your resources Solomon.” His smile got wider as he did a little jig.

So, when his teacher began our conference, I knew I was going to have to confess when she began discussing the math score. She was talking about how nobody else in the class had scored out of fourth grade and in this area, Little had got early sixth grade. Yall don’t know, I couldn’t hold it in, I started cracking up (the kind of laugh when you through your head back, grab your stomach, and try to cover your mouth at the same time), I automatically said, “I am almost positive Hezekiah helped him in that area.” She started cracking up as well, and knew that I was probably right, as she has had both boys as students. All I could think was at least he was trying. Now I know some of you are out there thinking you’re an educator, why weren’t you upset? He shouldn’t be cheating. Well if you are asking that you haven’t ever seen Little’s great big smile and big bright eyes. That trumps everything, I am a mama first and I’m sure Big would back me up and say, “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying.

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