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Our children are on their computers all day now, if they aren’t, then they are on their phone. Big and I have been trying to find different things to do with the kids. Obviously, not puzzles because you all remember how that went (if not check out Puzzle Pieces). Last year, Little and my sister Nina, would play monopoly after he got out of school. He fell in love with the game not as much as food but, close. He would always say, he beat Auntie Nina in monopoly. My wonder was; how did they play the game so quickly, secondly, I don’t think either of them know the rules, and third why she let an eight-year-old beat her.

Well, now I understand why. She played by different rules. The game takes forever, literally. His big pretty eyes, and his competitiveness has made her soft. Of course, his little face can get the best of them but, I have been avoiding the board game almost as much as I have been avoiding COVID. When I see it on the table, I social distance myself by standing 6 feet away, I take quarantine precautions by hiding in my room (don’t act like you haven’t hid from your kids, so you didn’t have to do something 😊).

Last week, I wasn’t so cautious. I came home to find Big, Grandma, and Little all playing the game. Since the game looked finished, I made a big mistake and approached the table without any PPE (Personal protective equipment) and sat down to observe. Everyone was playing the game like Nina, letting him get away with not giving up properties, giving him money, and falling for his puppy dog eyes and pouty lips. I was not going to fall for this, if you have been keeping up with this blog, you know I am competitive and if I am playing a game, I’m in it to win it.

You already know, we had to play the game, I had utilized all my avoidance measures and Big got this great idea, to keep the kings off the screen. It’s called Monday Game night (Yes, great big sigh from me). As I was laying down in my room (okay I was hiding from the monopoly game) Hezekiah came up and said, “Daddy needs you downstairs because we are going to play monopoly.” I immediately said, “No.” He said, “come on mom.” I told him I didn’t want to play and then he snitched and told his brother and dad.

As I sat down, they all were so excited even Big, so I had to stay. The game lasted forever, as monopoly does. I bought a property here and there, passed go and collected 200 dollars over and over, bought a hotel, bought a couple houses, another hotel, and even visited jail. As I watched, Hezekiah was holding on to his money, not purchasing anything, still having to pay for rent and having to stay in jail. Little was buying every property he landed on and was low on cash. Big attempted to play with strategy, and since his focus has been on multi-family homes he was buying houses, property, and making some money.

As I look at my several properties, and all the money I made, I noticed everyone was running out of money and having to sell off their properties. I develop my strategies and start capitalizing on my investments, when they start getting mad, and saying I was bankrupting them. You guys remember I didn’t want to play this game. They made me, I am competitive, I let them know they can now call me, Momopoly.

Little got down to four properties and no money, we negotiated utilizing his property. When they all teamed up and created an alliance. “Solomon if you give mommy the property the game will be over.” Sorry fellas, the game has been over I think to myself. As Little begins to cry, I give in and show mercy (just like Auntie Nina). The game went on and Big found himself in a jam, I again try and make a deal. He says, “send me to jail.” Mind you this has gone on for two hours, they are serious. Hezekiah had one property and no money, he was backed into a corner and I had to take that property, the game was finally finished. Relief never felt so good, and then Big asked his follow up question, “what did you guys learn from this game.” They all just looked at me and agreed I had bankrupted them, and they wanted to play a different game next time. Well, I guess I will have to work on studying that game, because I will win that too. Let me know if you let your kids win in the comments section, and why?

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