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My kids are essential workers

With schools closed until September. I have gone into overdrive in relation to my home-school schedule. It’s not just because, my boys deserve it, but because this is the time to get ahead of the curve. Most parents are worried about their children moving on to the next grade but, I am focused on getting the boys to the end of the next grade. I know it is a problem but, I am extremely competitive and want my boys to have all the resources to be successful in anything they put their mind to.

I have seen posts of parents, who are already fed up with their children being at home for the past couple of weeks and I can only imagine what they are thinking now. Based on the social media memes, captions, and videos I believe that school is essential. See my boys understand that they have one job right now and that is attending school and being exceptional at it (mind you again, I am an educator and I have seen the benefit of excelling in school).

My favorite caption stated, “my kid is essential and is going back to work tomorrow, I don’t care who else is there.” Shoot, I feel the same way, my kids have never left as a matter of fact they are like many other essential working staff they have been given more responsibilities then when they were in the public-school setting. You see, if I must get up every day and still go to work, they must get up and still go to school, there are no if ands or buts about it. They are going to utilize this time like any other essential worker and get ahead. They will not be lazy and sit up in the house all day, eat all my food, play video games all day (which are still the devil), and have nothing to show for their time. Yall going to work and pull your weight, I don’t care if you are only eight and twelve, your job is school and you ain't getting no break I don’t care what Governor Inslee or President Trump says the school is open

every day from 9 to 5. I know your thinking they get out of school at 3p.m. but may I remind you essential employees work on the boss’s time frame, have extra responsibilities, or responsibilities they may not have had previously. So let’s get this paper, yall got work to do.

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