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No more Guiltcation

Parents, raise your hand if you have ever been on vacation with your children. Now keep your hand raised if you have ever taken vacation without your kiddos. Well, I am doing exactly that while I am writing this post. That's right I am laying in the bed at the Hilton looking at my husband, resting and relaxing. However, I believe there is absolutely something wrong with me. Whenever I leave my kids, I become overwhelmed with guilt.

The relaxing get away begins to feel like a chore. I'm running around town trying to make sure everyone has what they need before I'm "off the grid," I'm washing clothes like I need to pack every item in the house, and I become a mad women. My anxiety sky rockets and I begin to worry. Hear me out, does anyone else experience these feelings? Please tell me I am not alone.

Well, today I am making a pledge; vacation has to happen, vacation is going to happen, and I'm doing this without guilt.

My kids are fine. They told me they needed a break too. Im listening to all their reasoning such as; we are always together and sometimes we need our alone time. Hold up wait a minute, I'm thinking do you know what I went through; I carried you together for 20 months, fed you, clothed you, changed your stinky diaper and you need a break from me. Shoot I'm gonna enjoy this vacation and as a matter of fact when I'm done venting to you all I'm gonna book me another trip. After I transfer money from my savings to my checking.

The moral of the story is, parents, dont feel guilty your kids are living it up, probably without any of your rules and it's all good you just take your time, love on your spouse, and rehabilitate them when you get back. Back to my vacay see you next week.

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