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I wanted to take a moment to share what has been happening in my life. As most of you know, I got a new job as an assistant principal at a local middle school. My time has been consumed with adjusting to a new job, as well as my families transitions. Big, is currently a working for the state in an perfect roll for him at a well known hospital. He is able to shake hands and continue to share his bright smile daily. Hezekiah is a sixth grader at the school across town, living his best life (with people who are my eyes and ears) he played junior varsity basketball and now junior varsity soccer. He has made tons of new friends but also has learned to keep his circle small and staying focused on his own goals. Little Solomon is still at the school where I was the Dean last year. He is in second grade with an amazing teacher who is now his support system (since Hezekiah and I are gone). He continues to play sports with the brotherhood, just finishing soccer and entering into basketball season. There are so many little stories that I cant wait to share with fun pictures to go along. The changes to our little family has impacted us in several ways, but I think we are growing and valuing our time with one another.

I wanted to just stop for a moment and thank my readers for being patient, holding me accountable, and checking in with me about this blog. I appreciate all of you that have asked if I will continue and those of you who just sent a text wondering why I stopped. Thanks for your love and encouraging me to continue. More stories about my little family and my three amazing kings coming soon.

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