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Puzzle Pieces

We have now been quarantined for about a month. Daily, I get up, go to work, come back, become the boy’s teacher, work more, clean up, make sure the boys go outside, and then usually it is mommy time (this time includes washing laundry and watching Grey’s Anatomy). However, the other day BIG called on his way home from work and asked would I like to spend an hour of no technology with him. I was excited, until he said yeah, we could do a puzzle with the boys (whhhhhhhhhhhhhat this you talking-“Kim’s Convenience” Reference). Oh brother, you mean family time. Well, I guess we are stuck here together, and I did buy some puzzles when I thought the whole city was going into lock-down. I answered, “sure I’m in.”

When he got home, Little was of course super excited about finally being able to put the “Hershey’s Chocolate" puzzle together. BIG explained that we were going to do the puzzle for one hour. Again, I am thinking “bro this puzzle has 1000 pieces and these guys haven’t put a puzzle together since Little had the wood puzzles with shapes and numbers.” FYI, I have addictive personality traits so when I get started on something I must finish. However, we started the puzzle and I start to notice several things; First, the boys were completely disengaged, this was not their jam. Second, there was a lot of just moving puzzle pieces around on the table (like when kids play with their food at the table), nobody had a system....except me (of course), there were several potty and water breaks, and then the hour hit. By the first hour we had just turned every piece over and I had put together one candy bar. Little said, "so what time are we supposed to be finished with this?" Hezekiah just kept looking at the clock....and that's when it happened.....

But wait a little history, when I was growing up, my mom had a good friend who stayed at home all day and put puzzles together. Her daughter and I always wanted to help with the puzzle and she always said no. It was very clear that we could not touch puzzles and that they were so much fun to do if you were an adult (I actually thought this was her job, it was not). Side note: who does that to little kids, don’t touch the coolest thing in this apartment (also they were on every table, I mean every, yep even that one your thinking). That is just cruel and unusual punishment. Maybe I have a little PTSD from that and this was going to be my moment to shine as a professional puzzle finisher. It was not.

I mean my head went to a distant place, we will call it Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory and I was Johnny Depp, not Gene Wilder. I was hovering over my body, moving at a mile a minute to find a penny in a hay stack, I thought I was moving like the Flash moving in a different dimension and this was all in the first hour, when I only put together one candy bar. Puzzles are complicated, they take you to another place, and I haven’t got to do one in so long, definitely did not complete one at my mom’s friend’s house.

After the first hour the boys got antsy and I got irritated. I begin saying things like; don’t just stand there do something, are you going to help, just breathing loudly for no reason and shaking my head. Of course, they started encouraging me, “good job mommy.” I then started talking about teamwork and giving your best in everything you do. I said a series of unfortunate mommy cliche's such as; don’t be lazy nobody is going to want to be around the lazy person, I wouldn’t want you on my team if you couldn’t pull your weight. I know, I know, not my finest hour but, that’s what came out of my mouth. I could see them all looking at each other like chick chill out. But, oh no, I had my yall gonna make me lose my mind up in here up in here face on.

Look, this was so frustrating, I wanted to finish the puzzle, and as I write the puzzle it is still sitting on my table day two unfinished. Yes, I am too prideful to just put it back in the box, I will finish this puzzle. Like Ricky Bobby’’s father said in Talladega Nights, if you’re not first your last. It doesn’t end there though, so day 2 of no tech hour began today and of course I got back into putting the puzzle together hardcore, I mean full on Beast mode. Of course, Big made the boys come to the table to support my “new habit” and said, “mommy thinks of doing puzzles, how we think of winning a championship basketball games.” Really, are you guys serious right now. I like one thing, where I can black everything out for a little bit, not be responsible for my actions, and now it is my favorite pass time?

Yes, I am upset and this is my quarantine look :)

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