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Quarantine Bae

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Tik Tok, have you heard of this app? Well, it is clearly not supposed to be for women over 30, moms, wives, or any other thing that I use to categorize myself. However, it is super entertaining and addictive. It has these fun dance challenges, that I believe I can do, and so does everyone else. Pages for parents, pages for singles, and Christians, and people obviously seeking to find a “soulmate.”

The other day as I was scrolling through like it was a binge worthy television show. I came across a page called “Quarantine Bae.” I am assuming that these young men were on Tik Tok to find a mate because it said, “Rent-A-Quarantine Bae.” These young men are cooking breakfast, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, and working out. My first thought was they must have had a good mom, second thing was how old are these young men, and third my competitive juices started flowing and I thought, wow this looks very familiar to what my house has been looking like since we have been in quarantine alone with my BAE’s (Before anyone else). However, I don’t think my BAE’s look as happy, have as many muscles yet, and won’t make a Tik Tok.

However, I thought it would be interesting to create my own video of my Quarantine Bae’s. But, since my boys think they are too cool to make a video for the app, I will tell you my idea. Now put on your imagination cap: The video would open up with the song Taking care of business by BTO. The song would blast in the back: Taking care of business everyday…The camera will zoom in on the boys waking up and straightening their room (fixing their bed, picking up their dirty clothes, etc.), brushing their teeth-simple hygiene tasks, walking down the stairs slowly (then it will speed up to the rhythm of the song) with their great big fake smiles looking all SWAGGED out with an eye catching wave to the camera. They would then be seen downstairs in the kitchen mixing up their breakfast as they are cleaning the kitchen. The next scene would change to them at the table and on their computer doing their homework and getting stuff done (this would be in fast forward). They would then stand up and do a ton of fake smiling and a Tik Tok challenge dance to get on the for you page. We would see them join in with the music playing their drums and piano. The video will flash back to clips of science, math, reading, and language arts with a big A+ on the pages that I would write because I need a cameo. At the bottom of the video screen it will say “Lets be honest if you ain’t got one of these you ain’t got a Bae.”

It would go viral you hear me. It would meet the needs of the single mom, the married parents, the committed grandparents, and all the Tik Tok users because they are in the same age group as my kids. I just want to put it out there Tik Tok is not for me it is for young folk (in my country twang voice) but, since they allowed me access, I am going to keep on watching it to get some ideas for my blog LOL.

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