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Raising Royalty: Marriage Edition

It was a late night in July, when I received a call from my best friend. He said he needed to talk to me. So, I got up, got ready and met him at a nearby grocery store. When I arrived, he asked me to go on a drive with him, so I jumped in the passenger seat, and we drove. I noticed something was different with him and he was focused on driving and the houses that passed by. We drove for an hour or so, with me asking ever so often, “what was wrong,” with the response of, “why does something have to be wrong.” Knowing him, I knew that he just needed me to be there in that moment. We ended up at the waterfront. We sat looking at the dark night sky and the reflection of the lights from the restaurants hitting the waves.

To me I sat wondering what was dancing in his head, and he sat nervously building up courage. That’s when he said, “I think we should get married.” I laughed and asked if he was serious? Him being a young pastor, shared with me that he felt God spoke to him and told him to marry me. Of course, that halted my laughter. I felt the seriousness of his request, I felt a shift in our friendship, and in that minute my heart knew that this was God’s plan. Trusting in Big wholeheartedly, I answered by saying, “I believe in you and I believe in us, so yes.” My mind began to race, as I questioned our whole relationship, my love for him, God’s orchestration of our lives, and I knew that this was special, it was rare, and nobody else would be able to tell this story but the two of us forever.

We continued to talk, and he explained, that there were also some stipulation we were to follow. By truly following God’s plan for us, we were going to wait for a year to get married, not have any contact, and to keep this to our self (I know it all sounds so silly now, because it lasted a couple of weeks). But, we were committed to one another, and knew it was going to be for life.

To hear more about Big and my marriage, look out for our new project Raising Royalty: Marriage Edition where we will talk about; marriage, life, parenthood, and our journey towards Raising Royalty. Let me know in the comment section, what you would like us to address first.

Oh how young LOL

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