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Raising Royalty: Marriage Edition

We were committed to following God’s plan of waiting a year to get married, having no contact, and keeping this union to ourselves. Which as stated, before was silly, and only lasted a couple of weeks. Specifically, two weeks and then the phone rang, “maybe we can talk once a month,” Big said. I responded in agreement. “Maybe we could just send emails.” I again agreed. “How about you just come to church, and we can see each other there weekly.” I showed up.

When I showed up, I was introduced to a whole new world. A world of high-spirited praise, new people who would become family, and an overwhelming sense of commitment and dedication, and of course, Big in his element. His love for Jesus radiated as he sang to the Lord with all his heart, all his soul, and all his might. I knew that I could follow him into eternity, I knew that this was what forever was meant to feel like.

The week past, and thank the Lord for a clarity conversation, between a son and a father. Which confirmed that this plan was intentional however, needed to be mitigated.

As I sat in a pew, next to my second love, my sister Nadia, we were enjoying an anniversary service. When we heard the beat of the next musical selection. We looked at each other in wonder, as I heard, the sound of his voice coming from the back of the church. As he walked to the front of the sanctuary he began to sing, “you are like a wedding ring, so beautiful to me.” My heart dropped, I sank in the seat, as I thought, “Oh my goodness what is he doing in front of all these people?” He then came up to me, flashed his big smile, and put his hand out for me to join him. I accepted. We walked up to the front of the church as he continued to serenade, hand in hand, before God, before man.

As we walked down the aisle, the world disappeared, and nobody else was in present. As I looked in his eyes, and he looked back, he got on one knee, and asked the question that began our journey, “Will you marry me?”

To hear more about what happened in between the first and second proposal stay tuned for more Raising Royalty: Marriage Edition.

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