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Raising Royalty: Marriage Edition

After fourteen years, the answer continues to be yes. Yes, I will marry you. Yes, I will be your help mate. Yes, I want to be on this journey called life with you.

As the applause died down and the service continued, reality, set in. I am going to be somebody’s wife (screaming on the inside, cheeks hurting from smiling, and sweating like a pig on the outside). I felt anxiety and relief all at the same time. What’s next? What am I doing? Is he sure? Why me? Yet, at the same time I thought. He chose me. I choose him. My best friend, forever. As I looked back at him, all I could see was his big smile and everything within me melted, with a sense of calm, safety, and an overwhelming amount of joy, I was filled.

This joy was so un-explainable but, it changed my life. As the days, weeks, months, and years seem to run together like a dream, the proposal remains fresh. The faith steps that we took is what established our foundation. The steps stretched us in our relationship with God, as well as one another. Our relationship flourished, our love grew as we fell deeper and deeper in love. our faith in one another, became unshakable, as we put God first.

We knew that we wanted to spend eternity together. As God ordered our steps, we walked in his will for our life. We made plans, grew in understanding each other, bought a home, and the year changed to five months. As you may recall, we were to wait a year after the proposal to get married, but God had a different plan (I can hear my mom laughing at me right now, saying, "that wasn't God's plan it was yours ).

December 20, 2006 was a Wednesday night during the traffic rush. As I walked down the beautiful balcony of the same church the proposal took place, I gazed down at my Boaz. As he stood with his back to me, in his pinstriped suit, I walked towards the beginning of the first chapter in a bestselling novel. He waited, patiently (probably screaming on the inside, cheeks hurting from smiling, and sweating like a pig on the outside). He turned towards me with his calm, safe, smile which filled all over with joy. He walked towards me, his hands went immediately out to embrace me, as to never want to let go, he pulled me in to his chest, and whispered in my ear, “why do you have all of that makeup on?”

To hear more of Big and my story stay tuned for more Raising Royalty: Marriage Edition.

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