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Team is for family time

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Teamwork makes the dream work. Our youngest son loves sports. I mean everything from football to hockey, he will try everything and my goodness once he tries, he never stops. I think that he loves sports because of the connections that he makes, and of course the competition. This little king makes connections with everyone everywhere he goes. I do not have this skill. Its definitely a challenge area for me. Most of my friends reading this are probably saying, "who? Not you." However, I am serious. Its not that I don't like people, I just want to go to the practice or game and sit and watch my kid.

But, if your a parent, you understand that this is absolutely not possible. Your kids always bring somebody to you and ask, "Can little Johnny come over after the game?" My first instinct is to say maybe next time or not today. However, our new parks and recreation program has come up with a concept called school sports leagues. So now you see little Johnny and little Johnny's mom at school drop off and pick up, at practice, and at the game. I mean this is really annoying for me. I even try and prep my son before everything. I get out the car at practice, games, school, and play dates and say, " don't invite anybody to come home with us." Does he listen? You guessed it, no he doesn't.

So since I have a hard time saying no to innocent little children and in this area, I constructed a plan last school year when he started kindergarten. It was the second session of the school sports league right after soccer. I asked my husband to coach basketball. Now my husband had just finished coaching middle school basketball and said he wasn't going to coach anymore. However, by the grace of God he said, yes. This is when the recruitment began. I mean I didn't break any NCAA rules but, I did recruit. I started calling all my close friends with kids the same age to join the team. So my sons best friend is my best friends son (you read it right) so she was the first person I called. We then reached out to some other people we knew at the school the season went well. The kids had fun and I was able to hang with my bestie. So when the school year started this fall, we continued with the plan to keep the boys together and recruited my nephew his best friend the team got even better. At the end of the season when we were sitting with great friends and having a great time cheering we noticed it was based on the connection we had with the other parents. We noticed that we were connected to everyone on the team in some way. We were connected either from attending elementary, middle, our high school with someone on the team, and we had developed into a family. The boys have continued to rotate sports from basketball, football, and now to baseball. The connections our children have made is based on lifelong friendship and we pray they will stay together.

So if you are reading this blog you will get to know these little faces as they grow and develop into mighty men of valor.

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