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Sweet Treats and Colorists

I am in love with sweet treats. My kids are in love with sweet treats, and so is my husband. I mean we like cakes, pies, pudding, ice cream you name it and we will search for the best. If that means we must travel to Issaquah for Nothing Bunt Cakes, or make a quick run to Hello cupcake we are all about that life.

Due to my love for treats, I have always given nicknames to people using some of my favorite sweets. You know the ones your great aunt or grandma call you, like honey, sweetie, or sugar pie. So when I had my sons, I couldn’t believe I ended up with two of my favorite treats. That of course, I over indulge in sometimes. You guessed it, they both came out as, caramel and chocolate. I mean what a blessing, you can have them together, you can have them separate. But, who doesn’t like them both. The smooth deep chocolate, the hot buttered caramel, the sweet smell of perfection wrapped these two handsome creations in greatness. I couldn’t believe the beautiful blessings God had given me.

Once my youngest was born, and began to gain his beautiful tones of red and brown I noticed silly people would comment and say, “why is one light and the other dark.” I thought really dumb dumb (sorry if this was you, just my first thought), well their father is choco-latte and I am decadent butterscotch and it’s called genetics. I became frustrating when I would be alone and people would automatically say that my little chocolate drop looked just like their dad, and my caramel macchiato looked just like me.

However, I remembered giving birth to both boys (I mean all 46 hours of the labor process), in the same room at St. Francis hospital, with the same four people in my room (my mom, my mother in love, my wonderful husband, and myself). I remember being handed both boys and looking at them and observing so many similarities; the same silly ears, their beautiful captivating eyes, all 10 fingers and toes, high cheek bones, identical chins, and the way they looked at me like they couldn’t love anyone else in the world more than me (okay, my one extra comment this week).

See many people think that you want to hear their opinion of who your child looks like (not if I don’t ask snap snap). In reality, what parents want to hear is they look like them (shout if you feel me). I mean dads are wanting to hear their boys look like them, and moms want to hear their boys look like them. But, my boys truly look like each other, you may disagree but, if you remove the lens of color from your eyes you can see it (no shade LOL). Honestly, Black people come in so many different sweet treats, shades, and colors. It just hurts my heart when I hear people say things such as; “Oh they don’t look like this or that person because they are too dark, what the hecksters, silly rabbit tricks are for kids. People need to stop and think before they speak. GENETICS is a thing people.

I am getting to a point, I promise, this will not all be about desserts. A couple of months ago my boys were doing what everyone else does talking about who looks like who. I must have snapped and had an out of body experience, because I had to drop knowledge on these boys and I can’t remember everything I said. All of a sudden, I was looking in the freezer then I was yelling. I snapped back to reality when I yelled they were being colorist. The boys were so shocked.

Looking back, I think that I may have made that word up in the moment. I eventually found out that colorist was really defined as an artist who specialized in the art form of using colors to create. But, like any other amazing mom I didn’t correct them and now………. You guessed it. If you have been reading my blogs, you have learned about my kids and their witty comebacks. Colorist is now a part of their everyday language.

WE could be running errands, and we run into someone who knows me or their dad and they say, “aw man that one looks like you and the other one looks like Solomon.” The boys are very respectful, smile, and walk away (with an eyeroll of course). Once we get into the car their rant begins. Hezekiah always starts, “Man, their colorist mom, I can’t stand when people are colorist.” Solomon follows, “uggh colorist.” I just shake my head and then follow up with, “yep I told you guys.” When will I get the courage to tell them I made that up, NEVER LOL.

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