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The Priceless Embrace

“Summer, summer, summertime, Time to sit back and unwind. School is out and it’s a sort of a buzz. A- back then I didn’t really know what it was but, now I see what have of this, the way that people respond to summer madness (lyrics to Summertime written by Will Smith: look them up).” Well, I want to thank Big Willie for the summertime jam of the century. He hit the nail on the head with the last part, “The summer madness.” The weather is not hot, my kids are extremely exhausted, and I have no energy to get up and get anything done. I am completely out of commission. Parents you know what I am talking about. Sports have been over for only two weeks and we know they are just going to start up again and go on for the next 18 years. The kids just finished testing and are on information overload, and to top it all off my baby is going to middle school.

How did the time go so fast? I was just pushing at St. Francis hospital and a beautiful baby boy had arrived (20 something hours later) and then I blinked my eyes (probably to take a nap) and I’m watching him transform into a young man. I have heard this all my life that life is, as a blink of the eye, hey, I thought it was just a saying that old people used. Well hello age, I am officially old and so is my young king. I mean I remember the first time he rode his bike (if you have been following my blog you know that was last week LOL). But, really I remember watching him on the first day of school, walk in the classroom, find his name spot, and a friend. Fast forward to Wednesday the last day of fifth grade, and I got to watch him walk out of the school building where he has spent the last seven years as a student for the last time (please visualize a loud crying women who is throwing a fit like little Johnny in the grocery store).

I will never forget this day. It will be etched in my memory for years to come. His excitement as he participated in the fifth-grade parade, him shaking the hands of 300 staff and students, the accomplished breath of completion at the front door of the school, and the tears that began to flow like a river when he seen the line of supporters that waited outside for him. Most of all I will never forget the embrace that he gave his little brother when he saw his tears. This hug symbolized so much from brotherhood to pride. I stepped back and began to let my emotions take over as I watched and fell in love even more with their brolove. In this love they shared with one another, I felt a pack being developed that will bond these two for life; this was the last time my boys would attend the same school, I felt a commitment to see each other succeed, that they would always depend on each other no matter what, and in times of joy and sadness they would be their to comfort and support each other. I didn't think I could love these boys anymore until I was able to see my love manifested through them at that time for each other. In that moment I believe the world around Hezekiah and Solomon stopped and the only people that mattered to them was each other. For a mother like me that was #Priceless

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