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Thick Thought Thursday: It’s Baby Weight

Hezekiah asks, “Are you having another baby?” Little Johnny’s mom replies, “Hezekiah I just had a baby, I’m just still fat.” Hezekiah’s eyes welt up with tears of guilt. I explain to him that he just learned a very valuable lesson. He looks up at me with water filled eyes and asks, “what.” I said laughing, “boy don’t ever ask a woman if she is pregnant.” He nods in agreement. He turned and looked at Little Johnny’s mom and apologized with the sincerest heart felt sorry. Little Johnny’s mom came and wrapped her arms around him and explained how amazing Hezekiah was, how loved he is, and how much she loved him. He cried more as he melted into her chest.

Everyone knows someone that this has happened to. Heck, I know kids have wanted to say this to me in past years. However, I would have answered in one of three ways. First, “Yes, little boy I am pregnant MYOB (mind your own business)” or I would have started crying so loud and pointing at him, so he could feel what I was feeling, guilt and shame for the ice cream I probably just finished eating. Last, but, not least I would have said, what I have been saying the last seven to ten years, “I just had a baby honey, its baby weight.” I would not be lying. It is baby weight. I can hear what you are all thinking. I don’t care it really is baby weight. Was I this size before I had Solomon? NO! Was I this size before I had Hezekiah? Absolutely not. So there, it is baby weight. This is my truth.

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