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This Post is About You Hezekiah

It has come to my attention that my oldest King will only read my blog if the story-line is about him. I know that he is reading this right now to see what I am going to say, how I might expose him, and if the story is the truth. You see Hezekiah is a wonderful informant, he knows every detail of every conversation, every eye roll that takes place, understanding of individuals body language, and how people truly feel about one another based on being the most observant, inquisitive, and curious child I know. Well, besides myself (yes, he got this from me). You see we are, what you would call nosy. If you look in the dictionary, you may see the below picture. My wonder is, is this a characteristic of first-born children? Or is it a part of the oldest child syndrome? Well, whatever it is I have grown to love it all the same.

You see whenever, someone is giving information to me and I forget the details, instead of Hey google to seek the information, I call my young king and he always comes to the rescue. I am sure many people were raised to stay out of grown people’s business, as was he. But, I believe if you want to have an adult conversation. You should just excuse the children. Lately, Big and I just say head upstairs, so we can talk about you guys. The boys find this hilarious and know we are going to talk about something that doesn’t concern them. We have been very transparent with our kings when it comes to difficult conversations, not getting into other people’s business, and most of all secrets.

From the time when the boys were very little, we talked about not keeping secrets. We often remind guest that visit the house that we don’t whisper or tell secrets. We believe that children should utilize their voice in a respectful manner but, also should be able to advocate for themselves. When we hear whispering you can catch all four of us in harmony saying, “don’t whisper.” Whispering is another key trigger for Hezekiah to listen. Hezekiah underwent three ear surgeries when he was younger, which has led to his superhuman hearing. It is now his super power.

You might be saying to yourself, NO SECRETS and NO WHISPERING. What type of house are they running over there. You see the reasoning is simple. Big worked for CPS and I am an educator and we have found that secrets get kids in binds and whispering takes place when children are trying to be sneaky (not all the time, but a lot of the time). Our experiences have led us to teach our children the importance of communicating with us even when they may have made a mistake, are in trouble, or even when they fear the outcomes. Mistakes are alright, we fix them and move forward.

Hezekiah and Little make a conscious decision to share everything, their grandparents can attest to this. If they sneak and get something they are not supposed to eat, they tell. If they go on an adventure, they tell. If they get a special treat or get into trouble, they tell. Being able to be open and honest is so important to our family. There is no handbook on raising children, we are writing our own pages daily. What are some rules you would put in a parenting handbook, that maybe unconventional?

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