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Too long vs Too Short

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

The other day, Big and I were getting ready to head out of the house and I can’t remember what we were discussing but, our marriage came up in conversation. I asked him if he remembered how many years of marriage we would be celebrating this year. He looked at me and said, “twelve” with a straight face. He was incorrect.

Yes, your right a lesson is coming on. I let it go, but…. not really, I was upset, I can’t really explain why besides the fact that; we have been married for 14 years, and I have went through two days of labor, have had trials but many more triumphs (that’s a nice way of saying good and bad times), and he is going to take two years away from all this hard work.

So, we continued through the day where I had picked up the offense, put it in my bag, and now was wearing it like a shawl on a chilly summer evening. Hezekiah was now in a conversation with Big, in which, I wasn’t really listening because the offense had now become a down comforter and I was just waiting for the right time to bring our marriage back up. Yes, it was hours later. But come on ladies how often do we do this? Our feelings get hurt, we do our mmmmhhhmmm look, walk away, but we have carried that offense throughout the day, week, month, sometimes years? We do it often, don’t leave me out here all alone.

However, in this situation it was only a couple of hours. Hezekiah continued to talk, and something triggered me. I said, yeah like earlier when your dad said we had been married for twelve years. Hezekiah said, yeah, that’s about right I am twelve. I said, “no, we have been married for 14 years in December.” Here comes the point when they turned on me.

Hezekiah looked at his dad and says, “he wasn’t that off.” Now if I am wrong, tell me I am wrong, but two years is like twenty dog years and it seems like a long time for me. They can now tell that I am going to pick up another offense when Big sweeps in to save the day, “See Doctor Wyatt (this is what he calls me when he wants to get my attention or wants to mansplain something), you are looking at it as if it is too long. I am looking at it as if it has been too short.” You may be saying, aww or that’s sweet, or some other thing which is being on his side (You are not on his side, you are always supposed to be on mine, so no awws allowed here, Friend).

He then says, “I was just playing with you.” You see there is no playing with a woman who has been binge watching, “love is blind” “Marriage at first sight” or any other Netflix originals. You better know when we got married, why you love me, and appreciate all the sacrifices we have made for each other. These shows do not take marriage seriously, and it is VERY SERIOUS. I really would like to give up watching these shows but, how the quarantine is working out. What do you think, should I let it go (Remember you are on my side LOL)?

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