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Up, Up, Up

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Little is absolutely hilarious…if you ever want to take him for the day, know that he will have you cracking up with his quick-witted comments and his silly way of thinking. So currently he is going through a change, literally a change I didn’t see with Hezekiah. He will share boldly that he doesn’t want to be like anybody else, and as a mom I can respect that but, most of all I am beyond proud. What a great job we are doing with developing a child with a loud and proud voice, a child that can go against the grain, that one child we don’t have to say be a leader not a follower. Or so I thought.

A couple of weeks ago, it was time for their bi-weekly haircut. I know everyone has seen these crazy cook-a-bug looking hairstyles these athletes and celebrities have. Our barber who is our favorite cousin ensures that they will look awesome all year, and, in the summer, they can have fun styles. But, with Solomon you never know what you will get, Heck Noland will say so what are we doing? He looked over at me and said mommy I want my hair to go up, up, up. I looked at him, with the ummmm that ain’t gonna work for me look. He looked back at me with the chick you better let me do what I want, or your gonna suppress who I truly am, and that will be a bad mommy move look. I mean these looks lasted a life time. So, I respond with well, what do you mean when you say up, up, up. He showed me with his hands moving in a parallel motion upward. You guys, I wanted to scream and say no. But, before I could he cut me off and said he wanted his hair to bounce (well to be honest he didn’t say bounce). He just bobbed his head and gave me a ginormous grin. I looked at him with his big beautiful eyes and huge front teeth and couldn’t say no, I mean I should have but, he melts my heart. So, I let him grow his hair out. This was almost a month ago, and I am going crazy, you hear me crazy. Every morning he doesn’t want his hair up, up, up he wants me to finger twist it into cute curls. It takes more time to get him ready then myself, is he high maintenance? He is now waiting for it to get long enough to get braided. I am not sure about this generation, I am starting to sound like those old people probably when the afro first came out. I need serious help with these boys.

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