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“Video Games are the Devil” -Mama Boucher

I don’t know if you have ever played video games, but I have come to absolutely hate gaming systems as we have been on “lockdown.” As Bobby Boucher mama said on The Waterboy, “Video games are the devil.” Pure evil, it consumes the player, and everyone around the player (which is only me) feels left out. Yeah you heard me this is a SOS call, I need girl time, save me asap I’m melting into my chair and nobody sees me disappearing.

You all may think I am crazy, and I know that boys need to have their fun, but not by ignoring their mommy. The boys have been placed on an extreme COVID-19 homeschool schedule (would you expect anything else from an educator). However, I may need to reduce their free time in the evening and replace it with mommy sharing time. When most moms want to come home and unwind with things like conversation, hearing gossip of the day, and ensure all the chores and homework are complete, I have had to watch NBA 2K20. I mean this gaming time includes all of them even BIG.

Did you know that on this ridiculous game you can make your own team? These teams consist of players, court design, uniforms, shoes, facial features…I mean it is the new age paper dolls on steroids. Not sure if you all knew that my husband played high school basketball and they won state (cheers to them). Well, he did, and it was 20 years ago (in my sarcastic Hezekiah voice). So on this game you can recreate this Powerhouse Tacoma area team. As you guessed, the boys made this team. I mean they have nothing but time right now. I sat for a whole week and watched all the men in my house create this team.

Hezekiah sat with his dad and asked questions about each player on the team. They talked about their strengths, weaknesses, height, weight, vertical jumping, shooting averages, shooting ranges, stats, personal moves, and it went on and on, and on. I know you may be thinking aww that is a great father son moment/time. No, it is not, we are quarantined, you hear me I am stuck. I want my time with each of them and no the devil came in to steal my time, I hear you mama Boucher. The devil is going down, I am fully equipped to put you under my feet. I am tired of seeing him (the devil) on my screen, I don’t want to see him (the devil) in a special movie…oh yeah it makes mini movies of the players too, I’m tired of hearing the ball bounce, and the swishing of the hoop, and feeling the competitive juices of him (the devil) flow through my living room. He has no place here.

Occasionally, when the game is over, and somebody has lost. The fellas will look at me and say, “mommy do you want to play?” I know many of you can already see my face in your mind now, giving them the mommy

face. No Devil, I don’t want to play with you I want you to leave the atmosphere. However, during the video game break I usually have had enough and head to my room. I begin folding clothes, remember I didn’t finish an episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Private practice and realize this is “me time.” I start to enjoy, and you guessed it, minutes later the little one, middle one, or big one follow to wherever I am and want to talk, or watch my show, or cuddle. That’s when I stop and realize the devil don’t rest and I got to spend more time with Jesus LOL.

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