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What about a girl?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

It was April 1st, the sun was out, and I turned my head to the perfect light for my melanin to pop. Then I thought man I sure miss that pregnancy glow. I know all you moms out there know what I mean. Your skins glowing, hair growing, nails strong and I mean we are beautiful (besides the upset stomach, sleepless night, pounds your packing on, gas, and don’t forget the burps). So, like everybody else who has a social media account I decided to capture this moment. Yes, I posted a beautiful selfie which is equivalent to sharing the moment with the worldwide web of all my friends and family. The post read, the best thing about being pregnant is the glow. I know, I know you are saying why would you do that. Well, clearly, I wasn’t in my right mind, it was morning, and I am a working mom with mush brain before my morning tea. Also, hello it was April fools of course I wanted to get a reaction, so I thought.

I was cracking up from the Starbucks to work until, my phone started to blow up with people congratulating me and saying things like I just knew you were pregnant, and oh my gosh I know it’s going to be a little girl, and all those cute little emojis to follow. I was shocked, my closest friends were sending me things like the thinking emoji, or the shocking emoji, the worse was the praising hands. It was hilarious for about two hours. Then somebody sent me a long text saying, “I know you guys have wanted a little girl for so long and I believe that God is going to give you one, congratulations. #Godparent.” I was like absolutely, not, I do not want any more kids. Two is more than enough. Although, if you ask my husband he would say, “I would have as many kids as she would let me.” Great way to put that back on me. He always brings about that before we got married I said I would like to have more. Don’t tell him but, I think I was just going for the likes.

Hear me out. I believe that having kids is a blessing. Children are amazing they represent the future, possibilities, and so much more. I guess that’s why I am an educator. However, I have no desire to have another baby even if it is a girl. Everyone has been at that family get together when the older women ask you when are you going to have another. First thought, when are you going to have another one. Oh, honey I am too old to have another one. Well so am I, I am too old. My patience is changing daily, I’m exhausted from raising my two, and my kids are almost grown and out of the house (okay it’s an exaggeration but, still). In the same conversation with another family member who jumps in I hear, ““you guys should try for a little girl, she would be so cute.”

Have you ever heard the saying that God gave us measuring portions on our body? Like your hands should be able to carry your meat, vegetables, and so on. Well, God gave me two hands, sounds like birth control to me. I have two hands for two kids, and I am truly blessed by my two amazing young men. To be honest I don’t know if there is room in my house for two queens. Girls, are awesome to play dress up with, shop, and have a friend that will always roll with you. But, that is not what God wanted for my life. He wanted me to raise two young Kings. He wanted me to do my best with them, and that is what I am striving to do.


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