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Why I blog?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Why I blog?

People have asked me the question, why do I blog? The answer is simple. One day I woke up, graduated high school, college, found a great career, married my best friend, had two little kings, and looked around and realized I was a wife, a mom, an educator, and most of all I was outnumbered by men. Yes, this was all in a day’s work, I am so serious. Well it feels like it. I yawned and blinked, and thought what just happened?

I mean, I was amazed at all I had accomplished in so little time (not to toot my own horn but, beep ba beep beep beeeeeeep). Okay maybe too many beeps but, I was truly grateful that God kept me in all the challenging and victorious times, because I think I slept through most of it. For real! Just think of the last time you were truly exhausted. If you can’t remember let me paint a picture for you. It’s dark outside, you are leaving from a long day of work, nobody is on the road except you and the sound of smooth jazz playing on your radio. Your eyes are heavy, they begin to close and you automatically open them back up. So you thought. You roll down the window and let the air hit your face to snap you back to reality. The road begins to hypnotize you in combination with the heat of the car, so you lean to turn off the warmth. At the same time, you turn up the volume of the nice soft music and you begin to swerve just a little. A car flies by you and sits on the horn to wake you up and your eyes fly open like your alarm clock just went off. You finally arrive at your home safe and sound. You get out of your car open the door and head straight to your room to slide into your pajamas. You make it just in time to your bed and immediately fall sound asleep in seconds. You wake up refreshed and the last thing you remember is walking out the door at work. You can’t remember the drive and you can’t remember how you even changed your clothes. Looking back over the last ten years of my life, this is a small depiction of how I feel. Blurry memories, broken stories, and tons of pictures that capture how I got to this point in my life.

So, based on the rapid speed of life, I wanted something more to chronical this amazing life that God has blessed me with through what most call a blog. This life has given me several experiences that I believe God wants me to share with others. Ways to navigate the education system for parents, marriage advice only from my point of view (maybe I will get my husband to write a couple of posts), special quotes and adventures from my two sons (maybe they could share too), the need of girl time and some fun times with my besties (ladies don’t freak I won’t ask you to write LOL). Who knows what else but, I want to take the time every week and share, mind you I am a busy mommy and wife and sometimes those family times will trump. But, I hope you take the time to subscribe and learn about me, as I want to learn and grow with you all. See you on Friday.

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