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“Women be shopping, you can’t stop women from shopping!”

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I married into a family, who loves movies beyond belief. It’s not necessarily just the movies, it is the hilarious quotes they remember from the movies. These quotes are found in their everyday conversation, it is extraordinary (I just don’t have this skill). I mean everybody in this family has this skill. If you have a conversation with my husband, my father in love, my brother in love, or anyone of their cousins, you’re bound to hear the phrase, “you don’t know where that’s from do you?” I always think, no you know, I don’t know where that quote is from. They usually follow up with, the name of the movie, the scene of the movie, who the actor played in the movie, who the actor was speaking to, and they will add the actors real name if it is one of their favorites (they should add duh Tasha!).

For my husband, it is usually an Eddie Murphy film (who he admittedly told the Sunday school teacher, that Eddie Murphy was also his favorite bible character). You know the movies; Golden Child, Boomerang, The Nutty Professor, etc. Yes, I know what you are saying, “Eddie Murphy, he is crude.” We know, we know! I promise we love Jesus, we are Christian and there are several things we do not partake or expose our children to. However, movies and pizza (any good recommendations send them my way) is our favorite past time. Side note: this is an honest blog, so pray for me and keep reading LOL.

In the spirit of me being honest, I must admit the following movie choice was not one of my great est parenting moments (as my list is continuously growing). So here it goes, have you ever seen the movie, The Nutty Professor? Not the old one with Jerry Lewis, the newer one with Eddie Murphy. Of course, it is not rated G or even PG, it is completely inappropriate (not as bad as the Nutty Professor 2 though) for a seven and eleven-year-old with all types of innuendos?

As my confession continues. Since it was movie night, we were all sitting around looking for the free Prime movies. My kids were picking all the boring Disney channel movies, like High School Musical (which I have seen a billion times), my husband picked a couple of “clean” movies. Then my big mouth found the flick of the night, with so much excitement I said, “aww The Nutty Professor, hilarious let’s watch it.” My kids were like, “okay” and my husband just gave me the side eye (you know the eye men use because they don’t necessarily have the mom eye down).

Of course, I completely missed all the signs and got comfortable in my favorite movie chair. The movie began and I was already cracking myself up remembering the parts (yes, I am that person that will spoil a movie. My parents are still mad that I told them Bruce Willis is dead in The Sixth Sense), I know I am super extra. I was excited because I hadn’t seen the movie in so long. Clearly, I had forgotten how inappropriate the movie gets.

There is a little bit of laughter in the first couple of minutes, and questions about how the movie people made Eddie Murphy so big, as well as the characters he would be playing. Then this is where my life changed forever. Sherman and Ms. Purty (played by Jada Pinkett) are on their date at The Scream and Reggie Warrington (played by Dave Chappelle) comes on stage. I mean Reggie, changed my families view on shopping he opens his stand-up show with, “Women be shopping baby, women be shopppppinnn, you can’t stop a woman from shopping baaayyyyyybae!” There went my life’s favorite past time. I want to stop right here and remind you, Wyatt men love to quote movies.

Here is when I realized my youngest son is all Wyatt. This little guy caught the quote and looked at me with his big happy grin and said, “mommy, that is true you can’t stop women from shopping.” I mean he placed that quote in his memory bank so quick and has used it a billion times since. My little guy knew exactly when to use this phrase. If I am on my phone, I hear his little voice from across the room, “Mommy women be shoppinnnnnnnnnnn.” If I need to stop by target afterschool, “mommy you can’t stop women from shopping.” If I ask my oldest if he would mind if I ran into the store, Solomon puts his little tiny pointer finger and thumb up (like a little pistol) and sends Hezekiah a little wink and says, “Hezlo women be shopping baby.” I mean this has gone on for weeks. However, now it is all three of them, I mean they really do team up on me, and I am the joke, what the heck. Just wait though, I am going to fix them.

Usually, I just laugh it off and continue to shop. Now instead of looking for the boys, I only look for me. That will teach them, so I thought! Until one-day, Solomon wanted to go to the store with me. He jumped up like I was leaving the country, slipped clothes on, shoes on, and grabbed his coat before I even asked if anyone wanted to go. So, I drove and just observed him, living his best life on my dime. See Solomon thinks that anytime he goes with me to the store he is going to get what we call a “special treat.” Since everyone wants to talk about me, I decided to use this blog to get Solomon back for always talking about me shopping. Take time to check it out. NOW I THINK THIS WILL TEACH HIM.

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