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Work life balance, yeah right!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

I am an educator and have been an educator since 2005. I worked in a high school as a health and fitness teacher, in a middle school as a physical education teacher, 9 years as a middle school counselor, and now I am a Dean in an elementary school. Yes, at an elementary school where both of my little kings attend school. So, when motivational speakers talk about work life balance I think yeah right!

I mean don’t get me wrong I love my career, I love my kids, and I would love to balance them both. However, this is beyond difficult since my kids and I are literally together 24/7. We get up in the morning, I beg for them to move as I am getting myself ready for the day (they drag and complain under their breath as they move slowly with no worries of a bill or a job), we get to school and I see them in the halls (little who is ducking and dodging to not get in trouble by me, Hezlo waving frantically and wanting me to come give him a kiss and a hug). We stay late on some days based on meetings, or they have school practice. Then I am ripping and running with my energy level on E to get them to practice, rehearsal, or whatever they need for the next day, as they get to chill and relax in the back seat of the car because they can’t drive yet (I promise I am not yelling).

We get home and these dudes want to talk more about their day, eat of course, and play outside. When our rule at home is 30 minutes of drum and piano, reading, and then dinner. I don’t know where they get all their energy, it must be on their dad’s side, cause it sure doesn’t come from me. Then we get ready for the next day and do it all again, SMH. Wait don’t let me forget to include their friends they want to bring home or their friends at school that need attention from me. You hear me when I say what a wipe out? Well imagine me screaming it now out loud and passing out on the couch or the closest bench I can get to.

As I pass out, I must say this is the greatest job on the planet. Being able to see my boys grow not only in life, but with their peers, in their world has completely changed my life. It has opened my heart to those kids that do not have the parents to advocate on their behalf or even have the tools to navigate the educational system. It has opened my eyes to the foundation and structure I have placed upon my children and have watched them build character, integrity, and a love for others. It has given me the opportunity to take them to school and leave with them for the first time in their lives. Working at their school I have seen; my fifth grader be challenged, loved, and motivated to be his best by the most gifted teachers. I have seen my youngest (who is in first grade) struggle and overcome adversity with the support of awesome educators. I have witnessed amazing human beings love my kids, not like I do of course, but from a place in their heart where my family has left a mark forever. Our light continues to shine in the lives around us daily and I couldn’t be prouder of the impression we have left in this place. This is truly hashtag priceless.

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